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We create the words that build connections between you and your customers.

Whether your customers are consumers or other businesses, any message you send out needs to connect to an individual, in the first instance.

Sculpt Copywriting uses a methodology based on a connection strategy. We map out and examine who your audience is and what words and platforms best connect with them. 


Developing a connection strategy gives you the discipline to consistently communicate the right words, through the best channels, in order to engage the right audience.


A connection strategy includes a plan and communications activities that nurture your audience long-term, builds trust with the aim to motivate positive sales decisions.


Whether you are an agency, business, government department or a not-for-profit organisation, we can help you identify who your audience is, what words connect, and how best to communicate with them.


To connect better with your customers, call Anna on 0402441526.


This week we pitched a unique idea to a manufacturer of children's clothing and accessories. Our idea was so different to what they had tried before and is guaranteed to deeper engage current customers and create a new loyal following that we can't wait to develop it. Your content can become a product! Watch this space. 

Sculpt, Knead, Build and Tweak

Unique storytelling tactics create loyal fans

Engaging customers through story is a tried and tested technique used by organisations across the globe. It's natural for us humans to connect with others through a story that we can engage and relate.  We see other people's experiences and can't ignore that we too may benefit from a change in our life circumstances, for […]

A peaceful life is a good life

Afram fled worn torn Iraq with his wife Dorette and his adult daughter Ban in 2007. Their story is reminiscent of many refugee stories, and one that should be embraced. Sculpt Copywriting wrote the story for annecto – the people network who have been supporting the Afram. Read their story here. 


I met Don and Judy Briggs who are annecto customers.  Don lives with Alzheimer's and had an amazing experience recently when he heard a brass band more here.


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