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We create the words that build connections between you and your customers.

Whether your customers are consumers or other businesses, any message you send out needs to connect to an individual, in the first instance.

Sculpt Copywriting uses a methodology based on a connection strategy. We map out and examine who your audience is and what words and platforms best connect with them. 


Developing a connection strategy gives you the discipline to consistently communicate the right words, through the best channels, in order to engage the right audience.


A connection strategy includes a plan and communications activities that nurture your audience long-term, builds trust with the aim to motivate positive sales decisions.


Whether you are an agency, business, government department or a not-for-profit organisation, we can help you identify who your audience is, what words connect, and how best to communicate with them.


To connect better with your customers, call Anna on 0402441526.


The Western Bulldogs' Sons of the West program is reaching men from all backgrounds all over the western suburbs and teaching them how to live healthier and fitter lives. We popped in to see how this years preliminary season attendees were doing. Read about the program here.



Sculpt, Knead, Build and Tweak

Boost your reputation with award nominations

Recently I had the opportunity to write Colette McShane's, aka The HIIT MUM, nomination for the 2015 Telstra Business Women's Award.   Last night Colette secured Victoria's Start Up category.  Nominations are an excellent way to boost your reputation publicly and the experience of going through and competing with 5000 other entrants enables you to refine […]

Cheap content: worthless to both you and your audience!

In today's market you can get copy written for as little as 10 cents a word.  In my experience, the copy that comes with this price tag, is worthless. You may as well flush your money down the toilet. Don't waste your marketing dollars on cheap content that floods your customer’s inbox,and infuriates them. Invest in good […]


We've written a series of blogs for The Collective Wine Company, through our relationship with the wonderful Copy Collective agency. Wine is close to our hearts. Take a look at some of our work.


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